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2023 Las Vegas GP/ #LasVegasGP #VegasGP #F1
Las Vegas Street Circuit

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The 2023 F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix was won by Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. Although he was not able to match the performance of Ferrari in qualifying, he started from second on the grid and won the race by overtaking his rivals on the track despite receiving a penalty in the middle of the race. The first thing that influenced the outcome of the race was the battle at the start. Verstappen jumped into the inside of Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) in pole position, but he came off the apex at the corner and pushed Leclerc off the track on the outside to take the lead. Verstappen was given a five-second time penalty, but he recalled the situation at the time.

“We tried to get to the front at the start, but I think we both braked too late.

“Then I lost my grip, and it swelled a little bit wide, so the stewards gave me a penalty.”

Verstappen continued to lead the race and pitted on lap 16 after allowing Leclerc to overtake. I changed the tyres and paid the penalty. This caused him to fall behind George Russell (Mercedes) and others but made contact when he overtook Russell on lap 25. At this time, parts flew off the car, but it didn’t seem to have a big impact, and he recalled, “It wasn’t ideal, but the car itself was a little understeer the whole time.”

The safety car was brought out to recover the parts that had fallen due to the collision, but Verstappen pitted again to change to fresh tyres. By the time the race resumed, he was in fifth place, but he continued to overtake his rivals and passed Leclerc on lap 37 to take the lead and take the win.

In this year’s Grand Prix, there were many battles at the end of the long “strip” straight, and Verstappen overtook many times there and moved up the position. Verstappen has been critical of the overly showcased Las Vegas Grand Prix throughout the race week, going so far as to say that “99% of the show is the show and only 1% of the sport is about it”, but he actually enjoyed the race quite a bit.

“So, we had to go backwards, and we had to pass a few cars on the track,” Verstappen said.

“I had to pass a couple of cars to battle them [Leclerc and team-mate Sergio Perez], but the DRS is pretty strong here, so even if you’re in the lead, if you’re in DRS range, you have a chance to catch up.

“And that meant we saw some very good fights today, and I definitely enjoyed it.”

“There was a little bit of tyre degradation on the track here and it was good to be able to push, so again, it was a lot of fun.”

Asked to give a message to the fans in Las Vegas, Verstappen said: “I hope everyone enjoyed it, I think they enjoyed it, and I hope to come back here next year and do something like this.” The exciting race may have lowered his sobriety a little.

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